Soil Plays an important role to life on EARTH

Green Planet Vermicompost a Organic Fertilizer

Green Planet Vermicompost is a natural and nutrient-packed organic fertilizer created with the scientific process of composting by using earthworms. This special fertilizer is composed of worm castings, which are full of helpful microorganisms, nutrients, and organic material.


Vermicompost is a fantastic addition to the soil that can enhance its structure, help it retain water, and make nutrients more available. It’s perfect for improving the soil in home gardens, farms, and landscaping.

Daily Chilled Vegetables


Benefits of Vermicompost

Eco-friendly and Non-toxic Earthworm-created vermicompost offers a chemical-free, sustainable solution for soil enrichment.

Water Conservation Enhances soil structure, optimizing water retention and promoting efficient water use.

Long-Term Soil Fertility Ensures sustained soil fertility, providing a lasting organic solution for agriculture and gardening.

Natural Plant growth regulator Packed with microorganisms, vermicompost naturally stimulates robust plant development.

Acts as Bio-fertilizer Nutrient-rich vermicompost acts as a potent bio-fertilizer, fostering healthier plant growth.

Improved Soil Aeration Boosts soil aeration, facilitating better root growth and nutrient absorption in plants.

Importance of Soil Soil is not left by parents, but borrowed from children

Harmful chemicals and unsupportive agriculture practices are quickly riding our future generations of usable land. Farms passed down from generation to generation are at risk of losing their fertility and livelihood. It is important that we conserve soil fertility and property carefully as it is the only to achieve sustainable agriculture.

Overview of The Entire Process

Soil Fertility and Importance Soil is not left by parents, but borrowed from children

Soil fertility is the ability of soil to sustain plant growth by providing essential plant nutrients and favorable chemical, physical, and biological characteristics as a habitat for plant growth.


It is the main factor in determining plant growth quality and quantity producing healthy food with the necessary nutrients.

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